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On this page I'll talk about a great AdAlert Tools that alerts you when a new ad to click. Thanks to it you will be alerted by an audible and visual message. By clicking the icon you have on your browser bar you will be taken directly to the page where you're going to click the new ad, so you do not lose more advertisements.


The extension requires very little space because it is just an icon, as seen in the image above circled in red, and you see in the image below with the notice of the arrival of a new advertising.


It will give you the information needed for the operation of the instruments. At the top you can see your balance, then starting from the icons just below you will find the first with the comic that would be going to the Forum, the other two with the little man that are of direct and rented ref, which is that the fourth statistics and the last one and the personal settings. Thanks to this non Tools will occupy much space in your bar of your browser.


The extension provides a new feature that is the message on the desktop, depending on the browser and / or operating system, is displayed in a pop-up notification for new ads. This is for those who do not have the browser window open or may not play sounds. It can be enabled or disabled in personal settings. The icon will be animated when there are new ads.



Usually it is shown at the bottom right corner.

Each browser has the characteristics and / or limitations that affect the appearance of AdAlert and behave a little differently from each other, but the end result is always the same.

The only browser extension called AdAlert and is available for all major browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera). It is currently not available for Internet Explorer.

AdAlert will feature faster notifications and the download size, depending on the browser, it will be only between 50kb and 500kb.

Updates can be installed manually or automatically by your browser which means you'll always have the latest version.

You can find the download page by clicking on the link "AdAlert" at the bottom of each page of NeoBux.


Once you click the little button that you see in the image above will be transferred to the page to choose which browser you want to install it, as you can see in the image below there are 5 browser on which you can install your AdAlert. For Internet Explorer it is not available yet but will be soon. (But never mind because Neobux runs better in Firefox)


Once you choose your browser and clicked you will give away the extension installation. In the example I am showing Crome use for convenience.



By clicking on install will be effective immediately without having to wait a second longer, and it will show you in this way. (See image below)



In order to set your choices you will have to go into your settings page.



Once on the page, scroll down until you find the AdAlert settings.


From this panel, you can choose your preferences to use your AdAlert.

  • The first item is used to set the alert sound, and you can choose between 8 different.
  • The second option is to decide what kind of publicity you want to be alerted.
  • The third or not to display your balance.
  • The fourth to decide whether to be notified by the small popup in the bottom right.


Once set to your liking remember to save it by re-entering your password in the space provided and click to update the settings.


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