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How do you earn with NeoBux





To make money with Neobux did not need to have high school or even have great marketing skills or computer.

The system is very simple, every day Neobux will give you the opportunity to see the advertising and each of these will be paid based on length of time.

On average you will have guaranteed fixed by 10-15 publicity, but if you spend much time in front of the PC and leaves of the every few minutes open window find new commercials to click. Each of these is then paid 0001 for displaying 10 advertising your gain will be a US cent, other advertising that will come out later in the day may be rewarded for a little more! Some come to pay other 0,005 0.01 0,015 others. Do not worry you do not have money with those few pennies because to see a bit of money it would take an eternity

To make money with Neobux the secret is to rent referrals (people who click for you).

Now you'll wonder how can I hire the Referrals? The thing is very simple:


In the first case they click all the advertising that you can find up to the achievement of the first 0.60 cents. Once you get that figure you can rent directly from your account the first three Referrals. In this case the road is a bit 'longer but at least you do not risk anything.


In the second much faster (but for a more experienced user already) and to invest small amounts in order to speed up the purchase of Referrals.


Each Referred cost you .20 cents a month and you could make money 0.60 cents per month. Now the calculation is very simple invest it to earn 20 60. The gain is not bad when viewed on large numbers because with Neobux there Referred to limit, logically by standard users who have rental limits, but from Gold users or Ultimate you do not have limits of Referred so once reached 2000-3000-5000-10000 Referred to see that you will have very important daily fixed incomes..


By reading so you can think that this is the item that usually makes you see big gains and that in reality it is a rip off as many that run on the network. No!!! I tell you Neobux is not so! I myself have studied for a few years until I have established that it works and is feasible.


Do not however think that earnings are fast because it takes a while 'to lease several Referrals! Yes, because you can rent it once a week with packages from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 100.

It must be said also that sometimes it happens that they do Referred rented all clicks they should do or not they clic just happens that! Then you have to learn to manage with recycle (replace Referred members who do not click with a new one).

However in the end it becomes a management game that will take away only a few minutes a day thanks to the tools that you will find in your account: AutoPay Autorenew.

Crucially always remember to click at least four advertising that you will see with orange banner which serve to ensure that the next day will be credited for clicks of your Referrals.


However, you will always be warned if you have not yet reached the required limit of 4 clicks to activate your Referrals. In the top of the page that you see above if you have not reached the limit, there will be a banner like this that you see at the bottom.


It tells you how many ads are still missing to complete the activation.

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