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Best strategy to be adopted on Neobux

The mentality of take to try to make money with Neobux and to take it as a management game, as time passes, without the illusion of becoming millionaires and be able to live only thanks to this site. If you think this never mind immediately because it is not so! Nobody gives anything this is an excellent opportunity but like everything it needs time and patience.

I ragiono the way! In the first year not I collect no gain because frankly those few tens of dollars not change my life. But I try to immediately reinvest all my gain, until she have a fixed daily entrance dollars 10-20-30 very simple thing if you have patience and perseverance.

Let me explain my way to use Neobux:

First, I always leave the page with Firefox Neobux on when they are in front of the PC, and try to click more publicity possible. Logically I make my own business I'm not always in front of the site to wait for the offers otherwise there is the risk of becoming mad and so would become just a poorly paid job! With Plugins AdAlert (which you will find on the site page) you will be notified by a sound message will appear when a new publicity, return on Neobux and click so you will not lose any click, this thing recommend you do it at the beginning when you have a few Refers also because once they have already many are not those 4-5 cents that will change something. Click always the AdPrize that give you the chance to win great prizes and increase your earnings and then if you're lucky enough to be blessed with Bandaged goddess you can also win an upgrade to Golden Member ($ 90) which is not cheap.

My strategy as opposed to a lot of people who rent Ref few at a time, trying to immediately extend the rental to 240 days, and to try to take more Ref possible so as to have a lot more revenue. Once you have reached the limit of standard rents member so I try first to extend the rental of all my Ref 240 days.

Now I expect to earn $ 90 which is the amount required to become a member of Golden, (not transfer funds to the Rental Balance) once reached and did the upgrade began again to lease new Ref up to the new limit! By repeating the same operation as you did as a Standard member you switch to ultimate member. The switch from member to member Golden Ultimate and very expensive ($ 800) but will upset your earnings! This step you have to do when you have a perfect knowledge of the program and a great experience, but believe me this is the move that will take you to get those fixed daily gains 10-20-30-40-50 dollars!

I want to add one other thing that I have left for last, since not everyone has the opportunity or the ability to find Refers alone (Refers Direct).

If you have a website or blog or write in forums, I suggest you always use your reflink in order to introduce new people and acquire them as Refers below you. There are several ways to find new people also to recommend it to friends and relatives, to advertise on PTC, Social Network, and is there any thing in your mind is fine, while remaining within the law and not become a spammer!

This is my mindset and my strategy, everyone is free to adopt her and make her decisions, do not take this article as the only way to make things work, the roads that can be taken are many matters is to reach the objective fixed!



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