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Offerte Neopoint


This is not a new concept. It has been used for many years in many other industries, and most of you should recognize it.

This is a new service designed to give you something that will not only help to increase your gains (there are offers that are worth even $ 50 dollars Neopoints), but will also give you something in return that you like or need.

There are more than 2,000 daily deals and every nation will receive her. Most of the deals are specific country / language which is great because it does not force you to live in a single nation and / or speak a language only to receive an offer.

There is a wide variety of offers including surveys, downloading of programs, activities, signatures, purchases, video and so on.

I personally have found some interesting offers and I have already used, so I think that most of you will find something that will interest you and / or be advantageous for you.


How to:
The process is fairly simple: visit the page with the offers and make your choice. Complete offers at your leisure and the NeoPoint will be automatically credited to your account a few minutes later.
To access the special offers page you have to click on the button that you find in the top bar in your management page.



Once you click the link you will find yourself on the offer page, you can see it below:


Click the red button that surrounded seen in the image to be transferred to the offers page of Neopoint, because immediately when you access the page will take you to the offerings of Neocoins and from there it goes to those of Neopoint.


Lo que se ve (arriba) es sólo el comienzo de la página, si se mantiene cayendo ves todas las ofertas.


If you notice the example of the offer that you see above, in the first orange box is the number of Neopoint that you earn when the operation is completed, next is the service to which you are participating in small and under there the conditions to receive your Neopoint are written.

Carefully read all the information on the offer you have chosen to use only those that truly v'interessano.

When you find an offer that interests you, click on the button gains and you will be transferred to a new page to complete the task.


See State


By clicking the link on the right with the total number of Neopoint you earned you can monitor the status of the offers that you have joined.

If the offer is successful you will see that they will be described as in the image below, and if you pass the cursor on the stars you can choose an evaluation by type of offer.


Scrolling down the page down you can see the status of the still ongoing offers.

In the first box you see in the image below (the one surrounded by red) notice that the transaction and pending because it must be evaluated by an administrator.

In the second box that bordered in blue you notice the word "missing Neopoint" basically means that it has already been checked by an administrator, and there has been some failure to register for this offer is not successful.


By clicking on the link found in the word "Neopoint Missing" will take you to an explanation page. From here you can understand why the operation is not successful and try to resolve it.


If you have noticed all 'homepage to monitor the status of your offerings, there is another option, that of receiving notifications for accreditation of your Neopoint. Just enter your email address and you will be notified when the transaction will be successful the Neopoint will be credited, more will alert you when there will be other new offers of the same kind available.



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